Supporting Downtown Duncan Business – Full Bug Records – Campaign Video

Mark Anderson, candidate for Duncan Council (photo: Lexi Bainas, Cowichan Valley Citizen)

I think the City of Duncan Council needs to do a far better job of supporting downtown Duncan businesses and Duncan businesses in general.

Here is a video about that which I shot today at Full Bug Records, 171 Jubilee Street, in downtown Duncan:

(Thanks to Matt at Full Bug Records for letting me do a campaign video in his store.)

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2 thoughts on “Supporting Downtown Duncan Business – Full Bug Records – Campaign Video

  1. You are absolutely right. Once you are elected, you should insist on an Economic Development Committee consisting of Duncan Councillor as chair, EDC person from CVRD, Someone from NC, from the Downtown DBIA and from the Highway business organization and perhaps someone from Rotary and Kiwanis. How can Duncan become more business friendly, what is to stop people from moving to NC or to the malls? That was my original plan which never ended up happening. I hope you make it a reality. Good luck, Mark

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