Some Comments On Building Housing In Downtown Duncan

Mark Anderson, candidate for Duncan Council (photo: Lexi Bainas, Cowichan Valley Citizen)

Here is a video with some of my comments about building housing in downtown Duncan.

I believe the City of Duncan made a mistake in granting an Option To Purchase a city owner lot on Kenneth Street to a local non-profit organization which proposes to build a three storey “public art gallery” bordering Kenneth Street, Ingram Street and City Hall Square.

Note that this non-profit organization wants taxpayers to fund its purchase of this city owner lot. The option runs for three years and would allow the non-profit organization to purchase this lot at the APPRAISED VALUE, not the MARKET VALUE, at the time of purchase.

Here are links to some local media coverage of this issue:

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2 thoughts on “Some Comments On Building Housing In Downtown Duncan

  1. There are major art galleries in Victoria. There are major art galleries in Nanaimo. We do not need one. We have a wonderful gallery at the Cowichan Community Centre, run by a non profit and well supported by the community.

    I personally don’t want any of my tax dollars going into this project. T

    1. I agree completely.

      The proponents of this project have said their non profit society is totally dependent on taxpayer funding for this land purchase and this project in general. Like you, I do not want to see any taxpayer dollars going toward this project.

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