Penticton Pharmacy Tries Buying Used Needles From Addicts In An Effort To Get Discarded Needles Off Streets

Here is a Global News report, first aired in July 2018, about a Penticton pharmacy which has started a program to buy back used needles from drug users for 5 cents per needle. The program was started as a way of getting discarded needles off city streets and public places.

This program might be worth trying in Duncan. It was suggested to me in August 2018 by a member of the Warmlands Sharps Pick Up Team whom I accompanied on his rounds.

There are obviously a few serious problems which would need to be addressed before a program like this could be put in place here. What could be done, for example, to prevent children from going out in search of discarded needles to collect the money for their return?

Could this needle return program be effectively restricted to drug users collecting the discarded needles, thereby removing the possibility of children going is search of discarded needles to get the money for their return?

I will contact the Penticton pharmacy mentioned in the Global News report to see how this program has been working in the months since this Global News report aired in July 2018.

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