A YouTube Video Posted By Michelle Staples In 2017

City of Duncan Councillor Michelle Staples (photo: City of Duncan)
City of Duncan Mayor Michelle Staples (photo: City of Duncan)

We came across this video posted to YouTube in 2017 by Michelle Staples, who was elected Mayor of Duncan on 20 October 2018.

This video was apparently made by Social Planning Cowichan, of which Michelle Staples was then Executive Director, and the Cowichan Housing Association, an offshoot of Social Planning Cowichan which is to be given $765,000/year, or more, of taxpayer funds as a result of the Yes Vote in the recent Referendum on CVRD Bylaw 4201.

Just for your information, here are some other videos which appear on Michelle Staples’ YouTube channel:



This is a short election video with music taken from the chorus of a 1990s hit called Tubthumping by a British band called Chumbawamba. If I recall correctly the rest of the song is about drowning one’s problems through binge drinking.

Here’s a video of the full Chumbawamba song:


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